Just 25 years ago, the possibility of reversing dental caries by a simple 40-second procedure was but a dream; dental research had got as far as recognising that caries was an infection, but then dentists proceeded to amputate the infected portion of tooth rather than treat it pharmaceutically. This culture of ‘drilln’fill’ entered the patient into a cyclical treatment pattern of further, increasingly expensive restorative care that would fail at some point in the future. There is a great deal of research on prevention and the use of various medicaments, but none provided the reliability the dental profession and the general public were looking for.

Yet our general medical colleagues stopped cutting off infected appendages over 100 years ago, by managing the infection with ozone and later, by modern antibiotics. For some reason, the dental profession failed to see what their medical counter parts were doing – as speed became a consuming goal and religion, the air-driven turbine was the instrument of choice, and tissue destruction continued unabated.

The movement within the dental profession in the 1990’s towards Minimal Intervention (MI) concepts slowly filtered through the dental profession, but as it was taken up in practice, new research left these new-age practitioners realising that MI was not Minimal, but still Macro-Intervention. The tools the dental profession used were large and destructive. As smaller and smaller instruments were made, the dental profession realised they needed better vision and started to use magnification to work. Operating microscopes, higher-powered magnification, intra-oral cameras and air abraision became the norm for a small group of dental practitioners who had moved on to true Micro-Invaisive dental care. And then in the early 21st Century, the dream became the reality; The ultimate goal of arresting and reversing decay with a simple procedure was first published by Lynch in 1998 and its predictability by Holmes in 2003.

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