Daily Hygiene

Hygiene is an important factor for a healthy life. Proper hand washing alone can prevent colds, unnecessary food-borne illness and reduce the spread of infectious diseases. General hygiene with ozone water is more beneficial since it is less harsh on the skin than chemical cleansing substance and can replace lotions or moisturizers. It can be used in the home, office as well as places where large numbers of people gather to prevent contaminations.

Natural Antibacterial

Washing hands with ordinary soap is effective but not as effective as washing with ozone water. Soap gets rid of germs by making surface dirt and oils slippery enough to be rubbed and rinsed off while ozone water eradicates the germs. Ozone water is not only superior as a disinfectant but also works quicker and safer to our environment in compare to antibacterial soap, which contributes to the growing problem of drug-resistance germs.

Natural & Chemical Free

Ozone water can sometimes be substituted for the harsh and dangerous cleansing chemicals that affect our environment and as a result improve the environment from pollution. Ozone is much less a danger than regular household bleach and many other chemicals found in the average home. Unlike bleach or chlorine, ozone water is perfectly safe and natural to be use as a cleanser or food disinfectant.

Athlete's Foot

Ozone is known to oxidize, and thereby destroy, many harmful germs, molds, and yeast that may cause infection and illness that can be transmitted by contact. Ozone water is good for treating and preventing skin diseases such as athlete's foot or other toe nail fungus conditions, in addition to reducing unpleasant odors. Fill a bucket full of ozone water and then submerge your feet in for 20 to 30 minutes.

Disinfect Dentures

Denture plaque is generally caused by fungus which leads to unpleasant odors and infection/inflammation on the gums and other part of the mouth. Ozone works by oxidizing odors and breaking down stains, disinfects, and cleans at the same time. Dentures and night guards can be effectively sterilized by soaking them in ozone water, and much more economical for daily use.

Oral Hygiene

Toothbrush bristles become infected by airborne bacteria, toothpaste residue and food particles from your mouth. Soaking your toothbrush in ozone water for a few minutes every day will destroy bacteria that reside on the bristles. Gargling with ozone water can remove unpleasant odors to keep the mouth fresh and prevent oral infections. It can also treat canker sores and other sensitive oral areas.

Natural Skin Care

Ozone water is an excellent natural skin treatment for softer and healthier looking skin. It helps to keep the skin clean from germs and less drying than ordinary chemical cleansing substance. Ideal for facial cleansing to reduce pimples caused by germs on your skin. Ozone water is also excellent for topical treatment to wash sores, ulcers, burns, and use to promote the healing of wounds and skin diseases caused by red, dry, scaly skin inflammation.

Sterilize Utensils

Salmonella, E.coli, and many other pathogens that cause food poisoning can often be found on utensils and dishes especially while you are cooking. Washing utensils and dishes that are in contact with meat and vegetables with ozone water will eliminate many common food-borne pathogens and also prevent cross contamination from handling. The operational cost for the production of ozone is minimal compared to your other expenses.

Clean Laundry & Beddings

Ozone is a powerful natural disinfectant and performs 3000 times faster than chlorine. Use the ozone water to wash clothes at the last lavation, thus removing germs, chemicals impurities and also bleaches, deodorizes and brightens clothes. Ozone works by oxidizing and breaking down stains and peculiar smells. Ozone water can also be used for sanitizing patients' beddings, baby's clothes and smelly socks.

Purify Water

Ozone purifies the water by stabilizing chlorine residues, heavy metal ions, and various organic impurities that cause unpleasant smells, making tap water undrinkable. As a result, ozone water used in coffee or tea, will taste better. This is the same purification process used by bottled water companies. Ozone water kept for drinking should be left for half an hour before consumption to allow the ozone to dissipate.

Keep Flowers Longer

Ozone water neutralizes surface micro-organisms that cause cut flowers to decay. Ozone destroys the ethylene gases produced by aging and decay of plant. It also helps reduce algae, fungus, mildew, spores and root rot. While during oxidation of ozone, extra oxygen is created, which helps flowers retain their freshness longer. Florists and nurseries experience the benefits of longer shelf-life and better plants using ozone.

Home Gardening

House plants love it! Ozone water can restrain plant diseases and insect pests, thus preventing root decay and extending the blooming period. Watering plants with ozone water keeps them healthier, promotes growth and raises the pH of the soil. Ozone also helps increase the oxygen and the nitrogen content making the plants fresher and longer lasting. It also reduces odors that fungus-infected plants produce.

Maintain Freshness

Ozone water will keep leafy vegetables fresh. It not only effectively kills micro-organisms that cause food spoilage but also destroys ethylene gas that causes vegetables to wither. The reduction of ethylene gas increases shelf life and reduces shrinkage. Ozone delays molding and decay of many perishable foods, including fruits and vegetables, helping them retain their freshness and flavor longer.

Food Sterilization

Foods are exposed to pathogenic bacteria, antibiotics, growth hormones and pesticides in the process of growing and packaging. At retailers, where foods are purchased, are exposed to bacteria from the hands of vendors and customers. When fruits, vegetables, seafood and meat are placed in ozone water, surface bacterium is killed. Harmful pesticides and herbicides are rendered useless, making foods safer to eat.

Disinfect Cutting Board

Cutting board can dramatically have high levels of potentially illness-causing bacteria from handling of raw meats . Dish soap and water remove germs from surfaces, but they cannot kill germs. Cleaning with ozone water enhances the cleansing power to kill a broad spectrum of harmful germs. Ozone reduces stains and odors, and prevents cross contamination during processes by sterilizing cutting utensils as well.

Sponge & Dishcloth

Sponges and dishcloths topped the list of harboring the most bacteria. Untreated, they can become key transfer points for germs and odors. In fact, they may spread them around. By disinfecting your sponge and dishcloth regularly with ozone water, you greatly reduce the risk of unknowingly transmitting germs through surface contact. Ozone removes mildew, fungus, germs and odors that soap and water alone may leave behind.

Neutralizes Pesticides

Studies showed that pesticides have been linked to cancer and other health disorders. Ozone enhances the taste of fresh perishable food by oxidizing pesticides and neutralizing ammonia and ethylene gases produced by ripening or decay. Ozone water is perfectly safe and natural to be use as food disinfectant. It does not leave any toxic by-products or residues, does not harm normal cells or alter its chemistry, is non-carcinogenic and always reverts back to oxygen.

Pet Hygiene

Ozone water is non-toxic and good for washing animals. It dissipates rapidly and leaves behind pure oxygen after oxidizing germs, chemicals impurities, and odors. Washing with ozone water, in addition to detergent, can enhance the sanitizing power, thereby reducing the use of chemicals and still have the effectiveness of removing germs and odors. This adds tremendous benefits to kennels or veterinarian to maintain proper hygiene.