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Ozone Therapy In Bacterial Vaginoses And Colpitis

T. S. Kachalina, G. O. Gretchkanev, O. V. Kachalina, V. N. Mazepa, N. Yu. Katkova, A. V. Soshnikov, O. A. Povechtchenko.

State Medical Academy, Nizhny Novgorod, Russia.

Traditional medical therapy for the treatment of bacterial vaginoses and recurring non-specific colpitis require different medications, which may cause allergic reactions and is often ineffective. 40 women with this pathology were treated by an ozone-oxygen mixture using intravaginal device and the ozone therapy apparatus "Medozons - BM". All patients treated by local application of medical ozone (5 - 10 procedures) were also submitted to daily rectal insufflation of 1000 mL of ozone-oxygen mixture with an ozone concentration of 3000 mcg/L. Antibiotics were prescribe only in cases of chlamidiosis. No other preparations were used. Control group comprised 20 patients treated with traditional methods. Results: In 85 % of patients a pronounced sanogenic effect of ozone, revealed by microscopy (diminishing of vaginal discharge and improvement of its quality) was observed. PCR - analysis showed elimination of infectious agents in 55 % of cases. A specific antibody titer decreased (was marked in 65 % of patients). In 70 % of patients normalization and improvement of local vaginal and general immunity indices were observed. All positive effects of ozone therapy were stable and exceeded the results of the traditional treatment. No allergic and side effects were registered. Conclusion: Combination of local and systemic application of medical ozone is a highly effective, safe and economical method for the treatment of bacterial vaginoses and non-specific colpitis.

Source: 3rd International Symposia on Ozone Applications, June 2000.

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