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Ozone vs. Herpes : The Choice

AU: Heinz Konrad, M.D.

Av. Vereador Jose Diniz 2215
04603 - Sao Paulo - Brazil


OZONE treatment for HERPES diseases, an indication introduced into OZONE Therapy and first published by this author in 1981, is revised and discussed. The technique of the OZONE administration in such cases is described. A series of reasons and arguments, explaining and suggesting the way of action of the OZONE in such cases is given at the end of this paper. OZONE can and should be considered as the medical treatment of choice for these diseases.


Many have been the attempts of modern medicine to fight viral infections. Millions of dollars have been spent to find some effective way to treat viral infections. But only rather poor results have so far emerged. Really good results have been achieved only, or almost only, in preventing viral infections, rather than treating infections already established body. It is wonderful to see the eradication of variola, of hydrophobia, the minimum incidence of polio, pertussis and tetanus. Yet, it is frustrating to see millions and millions of people suffering from HERPES, without being able to give them an effective drug or treatment. There are, indeed, several anti-herpetic vaccines on the world market, but their real effectiveness has shown to be much below of what had initially been expected.

In this paper I present, in a short and objective manner, the experience I have gathered along several years, treating herpes with OZONE. It must be mentioned that all these patients, some of them rich and others rather poor, have been treated in my private medical office in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Being so, some laboratory work that certainly would be done in any teaching hospital, was purposely omitted, for purely financial reasons. The results, however, can be undoubtedly accepted as significant.


For the HERPES ZOSTER patients, the ozonation is done by autohemotherapy, however I always give the patient some PROCAINE injections (as suggested by HUNEKE in his "Neuraltherapie" ), in order to obtain a better and faster analgesia.

The clinical results of the OZONE therapy against HERPES, so far (DEC '82) have been simply fantastic. The maximum follow up I have until now is about 2.5 years. All my HERPES SIMPLEX patients have been given 9 mg of OZONE, twice a week, as long as there were visible lesions. All treatments were started during the first three days of an eruption. After the lesions disappeared, each patient was given another two applications, but in weekly intervals. Most of my herpes simplex patients got well after 6 applications. A few patients needed 8 or 9 applications.

TABLE 2 shows the herpes simplex patients I have so far treated with OZONE

genital herpes 20 cases
cutaneous herpes 4 cases
oral herpes ( lips) 2 cases
ophthalrnic herpes 2 cases

total 28 cases

The average age of these patients was 35.1 years ( from 21 to 70 years ) The sexes were : 21.4 % female and 78.6 % male.

The results of OZONE therapy against herpes simplex, as compiled from my patients until DEC '82, are shown in TABLE 3

absolute success/ questionable success

genital herpes 85 % (17)           15 % (3) - -
cutaneous herpes 100 % ( 4)     - - - - -
oral herpes 50 % (1)                  50 % (1) - -
ophthalmic herpes 50 % (1)       50 % (1) - -

Only three of the total of 28 herpes simplex patients here mentioned had received no previous medical treatment. All the remaining 25 patients had been treated previously by usually more than one physician in Brazil. Most of my herpes simplex patients have had their disease for more than four years. Their eruptions lasted usually for about 7 days, and their remission period was an average of about 1.5 months. Also as an average, each patient had previously tried out between 3 and 4 different therapeutic methods. These included all kinds of creams, anti-herpetic vaccines, BCG vaccines, anti-variola vaccines, Isoprinozine, Icvamizole, cortisone, and, in one case, spiritism.

The 5 cases of only questionable success, as shown in TABLE 3, deserve some special comments:

a) one case of genital herpes seems to have been really a therapeutic failure.

b) one case of genital herpes, a 37 year old woman, seems to be questionable success because she had a very severe infection and inflammation of her endocervix, which, after the OZONE therapy, not only continued the vaginal discharge, but also made a clinical evaluation rather dubious.

c) one case of genital herpes seems to have been a case of reinfection. This has been suggested by the patient himself, who admits having been reinfected by his wife after she came back from a 2 month vacation.

d) one case of oral herpes seems to be more a skin disease tightly related to emotional circumstances, as suggested by the patient herself, a 38 year old white woman, after she had a sudden eruption, within maybe 15 minutes, after she received the message of the death of a near relative.

e) one case of ophthalmic herpes, a 37 year old truck driver, apparently did have results, but the scars on the patient's cornea forced him to keep his left eye in an abnormal, forced, position, in order to see well and in good focus. This caused him most severe eye- and headaches. Upon my suggestion, he tried to receive a cornea transplantation, but, maybe because of social circumstances, he had no chance at all.

The typical herpes patient treated in my office is a patient in stress, because of his long-time disease, frustrated because of repeated failures of medical treatment, and usually willing to do anything to get rid of his annoying, depressing, frustrating, and often sexually incapacitating disease.

All herpes simplex patients started their OZONE treatment at the beginning of an eruption. It showed clearly that the crisis, under OZONE treatment, was a much shorter one, and also much weaker. Most of the patients had no more signs of herpes after the third session. Some evidenced a rapid improvement right after the first or second application. The feeling of relief, of finally recovered health, of being no longer contagious, and of having won a final battle against an apparently incurable disease, is something that cannot be described in words, but only admired and enjoyed by both patient and treating physician. There are no words or pictures to describe happiness.

Things are different for HERPES ZOSTER patients. They not only feel sick, frus-trated or resigned, because of constant medical failure, but also they are in pain. It is well known that the herpes zoster pains are almost unbearable ones. The patients need help, urgent help. They are desperate. They cannot sleep well for months at a time. Some even think of suicide.

Those few patients I could treat from the very beginning of their herpes zoster experienced a relatively fast recovery. It never took longer than 6 to 8 weeks to get them well and stop the OZONE therapy. However, those patients whom I could only treat after they had already had their herpes zoster for weeks or months, or even years, needed a much longer time to feel only better. The lesions on the skin would almost invariably diminish and disappear within 3 or 4 weeks, but the pain, the residual pain, that comes suddenly like a sharp knife being introduced into the patient 5 chest or back, does remain for months and months. All I could do for these patients was to get them to a point where their pains were bearable, so that they could resume their normal activities and use only small amounts of oral analgesics. It seems, thus, of utmost importance, to treat a herpes zoster patient with OZONE from the very beginning of his disease in order to have a chance of complete recovery.

All that was said to this point is based on my own clinical experience, with my private patients in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Many are the papers, research results, in vitro tests, and other facts related to the efficiency of OZONE against virus and viral infections. All these texts can be found, separately, in the world OZONE literature. It is for me an intensively great pleasure to have been the first physician in the world to describe this form of treatment for HERPES diseases. Much more so, if one considers that it seems to be THE treatment for herpes. My first presentation on this subject was at the 5th International Ozone Congress, March 1981, in Berlin, West-Germany.

Of course, some thought has been given to the possible, or probable, reasons for such efficiency of the OZONE. How can OZONE work so well against these diseases? As an answer to these questions, I refer to the following

1) The OZONE, in such relatively high dosages, has a clearly anti-inflammatory effect. without important undesirable side effects.

2) OZONE is known for its highly virus-killing and/or virus-inactivating effect. If in herpes patients this virucidal effect must be attributed only to the OZONE itself, or to one or more of the organic compounds produced by the OZONE / blood reaction, remains to be clarified.

3) It is known that OZONE can improve the human metabolism "in totum". Thus, not only several parameters are normalized by OZONE, the blood circulation is improved in affected tissues, the oxygen and thus energy supply to inflamed areas is improved, but also the immunological system is positively influenced. Recent opinions include even a "vaccine effect" of the OZONE, suggesting that fragments of viruses, partially destroyed by the OZONE, could function as an antigenic stimulus, without being pathogenic.

4) The so-called" inhibitory substances " in human blood, which can lead to metabolic deviations sensu latu - and also to immunological deviations sensu latu - are known to be progressively and safely eliminated under the influence of OZONE.

5) It has been demonstrated that OZONE induces to a greater phagocytosis disponsability of the leukocytes. This means that viruses and other pathogenic organisms may be attacked faster and stranger when the patient is given OZONE.

6) The above mentioned reasons, as well as this whole paper dealing with OZONE against herpes is hopefully the beginning of the end of millions of people's long suffering. It is sure that there are some diseases which can be BEST treated with OZONE - and herpes is among these.

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