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Treatment of the Acute Ulcerative Necrotizing Gingivitis with OLEOZON®

Martínez M., Menéndez S. and Castillo A. (Cuba)


The ulcerative necrotizing gingivitis is a painful and destructive illness of the gingiva, characterized by inflammation, redness, swelling and tendency to bleed. The aim of this study is to evaluate the efficacy of OLEOZON. (sunflower ozonized oil) in the treatment of ulcerative necrotizing gingivitis in an acute phase. A clinical random trial, phase III, simple blind test, was carried out in 48 patients, where OLEOZON® was compared with a control group. The odontologist didnt know to what group belonged each patient. Experimental group: 24 patients treated with OLEOZON®, topically, 3 times per day, during 7 days. Control group: patients treated, locally, with a solution of sodium perborate, 3 times per day, during 7 days. The healing criteria established were: disappearance of the lesions, pain, bleeding and pseudomembrane. The evaluations were made at the 3rd and 7th days of beginning the treatment. The results demonstrated that at the end of the treatment, in the experimental group 75 % of patients cured in comparison with the control group (29.2 %), with significant differences (p = 0.01) between both groups. Also, in the experimental group the disappearance of symptoms was achieved more rapidly in comparison with control group. No side effects were observed. It was demonstrated that OLEOZON® is more effective in comparison with sodium perborate in the treatment of patients with acute ulcerative necrotizing gingivitis, being an appropriate therapeutic option for this disease.

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