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1: Gig Sanit. 2005 Nov-Dec;(6):27-9. Links

[Structural and functional assessment of the body's status after consumption of the waters treated with various technologies]

[Article in Russian]

The use of waters treated by different technologies was studied in animals and volunteers. Rats were used to study the use of the immunomodulated water "Renorm" alone and in combination with ozone-sorption treated Moscow tap water in a dilution of 1:10, that of the bottled water "Grander" (Austria) in combination with ozone-sorption treated Moscow tap water in a dilution of 1: 4 or 1:40; that of the water prepared by the Grander technology through a shower device when, after ozone-sorption purification, Moscow tap water was passed through a Grander shower device at a rate of 1 liter per min or 500 ml per 30 sec; that of the water electrochemically treated by an Izumrud (Emerald) installation. Moscow tap water served as a control for all waters and was Moscow dechlorinated water after ozone-sorption purification, by passing Moscow tap water from a tap into a 3-liter vessel through a household ozone device for 5 min and then passing it through a household coal filter (500 ml). "Troitsa" water also served as a control for Renorm water and as the basis for the water physically treated. The nasal and oral cytological status was followed up in different periods (before and a month after water use and 1, 2, and 6 months following a monthly use) in different groups of volunteers: control and placebo groups, and in the groups of the examinees after using the waters treated by energy-informational technologies (Renorm), and by the Grander technology. Experimental studies have revealed that the consumption of the waters in question not merely fails to cause negative changes in the viscera, but also improves a number of structural and functional indices and, in the volunteers, the use of the waters treated by the energy-informational technologies enhances the protective function of tissue barriers, such as the mucosae of the nose and mouth, by diminishing inflammatory reactions in these organs. Thus, both field and experimental studies have demonstrated that the use of the waters treated by different technologies results in structural and functional improvements.

PMID: 16404879 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]

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