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Ozone Information

An evaluation of the sporicidal activity of ozone
Antifungal Activity ofOzonized Olive Oil
Application of Oleozon on Hemorrhoids
Application of Ozonized Oil Ovules in the Treatment of Vulvovaginitis
Comparative Study of Ozonized Olive Oil and Ozonized Sunflower Oil
Intradiscal Injection of O2-O3 to Treat Lumbar Disc Herniations
Minimally Invasive Oxygen-Ozone Therapy for Lumbar Disk Herniation
Management of Aggressive Periodontitis Using Ozonated Water
Management of Aggressive Periodontitis Using Ozonated Water
The Influence Of Ozonised Water On The Epithelial Wound Healing Process In TheOral Cavity
The New Frontier Minimally Invasive Dentistry and Ozone Aerotherapy
Application of Ozonized Oil Ovules in the Treatment of Vulvovaginitis. Preliminary Study
GreyCell™Ozone - Sanitize with the Power of Ozone! - Applications
Ozone in the Air - Research References
Clinic Comparative Study of Ozone Therapy and Metronidazol in Intestinal Amebiasis
Dyschromia Treated With Oleozon
Environmental Effects of Ozone Depletion - 1996 UNEP Interim Report
Evaluation of Ozone Therapy in Humans and in Animals Infected with Giardia Lamblia
Evaluation of Therapeutic Properties of OLEOZON® in the Treatment of Women with Human Papilloma V
Information About Ozonization
Is There a Role for Medical Ozone in the Treatment of HIV and Associated Infections
Oleozon (Ozone oil) In Gynecology
Onicomycosis Treated with Ozonized Oil
Ozone as Therapy for Chlorosis
Ozone as Therapy for Pneumonia
Ozone as Therapy for Treatment of Consumption
Ozone as Therapy for Whooping Cough
Ozone as Therapy in Herpes Simplex and Herpes Zoster Diseases
Ozone Prophylaxys Of Septic Complications In Obstetrics
Ozone Research Center References 01
Ozone Research Center References 02
Ozone Therapy as a Part of a Complex Treatment of a Paradontium Disease
Ozone Therapy In Bacterial Vaginoses And Colpitis
Ozone Therapy In Chronic Tonsillitis
Ozone Therapy in Lumbar Sciatic Pain
Ozone Therapy on Celulitis Disease
Ozone Treated HIV+ Patient - Becomes PCR Negative
Ozone & US FDA
Ozone vs Herpes - The Choice
Ozonized Oil (Oleozon) in the Treatment of Children Suffering of Giardiasis
Pediatrician Using O3 as a Chemotherapeutic Agent for the Treatment of Diseases of Children
Process and Method of Sterilizing Aseptic Containers Patent Invention
Specific Antimicrobials
Subcutaneous Ozone Therapy in the Treatment of Simplex Herpes
The Biochemical Processes Underlying Ozone Therapy
The Efficacy of Using Ozone Preparations in the Treatment of Paranasal Sinusitis
The Story of Ozone and it's Medical Uses
Therapy Effects Of Ozonated Oil (Oleozon) In The Treatment Of Giardiasis
Treatment Of Primary Pioderma With Ozonized Sunflower Oil
Treatment of the Acute Ulcerative Necrotizing Gingivitis with OLEOZON®
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