Welcome to The-O-Zone. First published in 1997, The-O-Zone brought together some of the most important Research Papers and Articles on the use of Ozone in Dentistry. Since then, this collection has been extended into every facet of Health-Care, from Medical to Dental, Veterinary to Farming, Viticulture to At-Home usage of Ozone.

Ozone plays a major role in Veterinary Care and Agriculture, from disinfection of kennels and stable areas, treating bovine mastitis, in research animals, and race horses worth millions. From enhancing performance to treating Equine Laminitis and infections like Cannine Distemper. Equine laminitis is one of the most common causes of lameness and disability in horses, yet treatment with ozone can lead to a fast, painless and life preserving treatment. In UAE, I personally know a dentist who treats horses with ozone, with great results; from gun-shot wounds to leg injuries, ozone has a part to play in the health and well-being of the animals we keep.

With the advent of MRSA and resistant bacteria, fungii and viruses, ozone is starting to come to the fore again; to date not a single microbe has evolved the ability to withstand exposure to ozone gas!

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Veterinary Research

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