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Elevator leasing: the way to spread in Chinas big cities

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Elevator leasing: the way to spread in Chinas big cities

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In China, the number of elevator renters with more than 3000 elevators is in the leading position. As a big city in China's elevator rental sales market, Shanghai has become the focus of elevator leasing enterprises with faster development trend, larger business scale and the most complete product types in a short period of one and a half years. Next to Shanghai are Guangzhou, Beijing, Nanjing, Tianjin, Fuzhou, Suzhou, Wuhan, Chengdu, Xi'an, Shenzhen, Changsha, Hangzhou and other regional central cities, and gradually improve the business process of radiation sources all over the country to operate the Internet. Taking 2013 as the connecting point, in the past decade, the number of stainless steel electric platforms available for rental in China was only more than 4000, while in the next two years, the standard value rose to more than 13000. With the change of consumption habits of China's machinery and equipment customers and gradually stringent safety construction specifications, it is estimated that this data will multiply in 17 years and two years.

There is no doubt that many customers can rent the manual lifting platform. Not every customer is suitable for renting the equipment. If the elevator is used frequently and for a long time in the new project, it is more suitable to purchase the machinery and equipment immediately. If the application cycle is short and there is a lot of asset work pressure, the application of the elevator can be considered. Compared with the purchase of machinery and equipment, the most significant advantage of aerial work equipment leasing is to reduce the cost of the enterprise immediately, reasonably ensure the safety of engineering construction and staff, reduce the work intensity of the actual operation staff and improve the work efficiency. A construction site if there is a lift, then, lift opportunities quickly gather on the construction site. Once the workers have applied the lift, they will trust and love it, and never want to use the steel pipe scaffold with very high risk factors. Hand in hand to promote the development of equipment leasing industry? In China, the leasing field of aerial work equipment is still in the traditional initial situation of small and medium-sized, decentralized and independent operation, which is quite different from overseas leasing industry. In addition to the continuous development of machinery and equipment storage, future rental companies will also focus on building professional service staff to show stronger consulting service projects and solutions for terminal equipment customers. In addition, they will spread service projects all over the country and show positive service, gradually complete the principle of proximity, stimulate goods and respond to customer satisfaction immediately. With the development of social economy and the change of concept, the unfavorable conditions that endanger the development trend of elevator will continue to be eliminated, and the elevator rental sales market will eventually be more and more perfect.

Does the elevator belong to special equipment safety? What specifications need to be formulated in the future? Overseas elevator development trend and relative laws and regulations. We firmly believe that China's inspection standard for aerial work is coming, and both dealers and construction enterprises will promote the promulgation of this standard as soon as possible. Elevator is a service platform used to improve people and raw materials to a certain height width ratio. Its safety factor is that steel pipe scaffold, electric hanging basket and other special tools can not be parallel. Nowadays, due to the application of this kind of high-risk special tools for aerial work, the frequency of misfortune and the great damage have already caused the concern of social development. In addition, the selection of elevator is also the pursuit of high efficiency of engineering construction. For example: "a 50 meter long, 10 meter high heading face must be painted. If the scissors lift is applied, two workers can spend four days and two hours. If the steel pipe scaffold is applied, not only five workers but also seven days and 12 hours will be spent. This also includes the construction and demolition of steel pipe scaffold." From this we can see that whether the application of human lift is greatly improved or the time of application is greatly improved. As a high-speed development trend in China, China has established completion time axis on the infrastructure of many new projects. The compact construction period also promotes many construction enterprises to use high-efficiency elevators to assist them to carry out engineering projects on time. In addition, the widespread use of elevators is also one of the driving forces of the high-speed development trend. It can be used in infrastructure construction, capital construction, petrochemical industry, electric power engineering, ships, property management and other fields, and the application scope has been continuously developed. What can not be ignored is the secondary effect of Chinese leasing companies on machinery and equipment.


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