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The rapid development trend of elevator rental industry will stimulate the improvement of the market

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The rapid development trend of elevator rental industry will stimulate the improvement of the market

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In China, the market volume of foreign companies' elevators has exceeded 1 billion RMB, and Guinness and JLG account for about 60% of the market share. Among them, 30% of the self-propelled elevators are sold to shipyards in the up and down markets, which are mainly used in the painting, welding and maintenance of shipyards; 50% of the self-propelled elevators are sold to large, medium and small elevator rental enterprises; and 20% of the self-propelled elevators are sold through regional agent channels. In China, the elevator rental market increases at a rate of about 20% every year. The rapid development trend of the elevator rental industry will stimulate the improvement of the market. Steel pipe scaffolds were used in shipyards before, which took a long time to construct and dismantle. Now the cost of one day's application in shipyards is about one million yuan. Therefore, considering the cost and safety factor, shipyards have widely used elevators. Lift cars are also widely used, such as cars, chemical plants, electronic devices, food, cigarettes, medical devices and pharmaceutical industries. In addition, an application industry is public facilities, such as sports venues, bus stations, ecological parks, children's playgrounds and colleges. Most of these foreign customers should be typical rental customers. And in our country, a large number of them are purchased by themselves, which comes from the habit of long-term application of machinery and equipment. In recent years, the wage growth rate of China's construction industry has exceeded 7%, and with the weakening of the aging population and the aggravation of inflation, the wage growth rate of China's construction workers will be higher and higher. The disadvantage of labor cost will be gradually transformed into an element of good news for the aerial vehicle market. With the improvement of the market, users of upright steel pipe scaffold tend to rent from elevator leasing enterprises, so the consumers of aerial work vehicles will be lower and lower. Due to the centralized purchase requirements, the bargaining space of leasing companies is very large, and the product quotation will be reduced. In North America and Europe, the whole process took 20 years. In China, this process continues to accelerate. In 2008, large and medium-sized overseas leasing companies have successively entered China, and local leasing companies have just begun to speed up the development trend. 2018 is the starting and ending point for many rental customers to purchase aerial vehicles. This can be clearly reflected from BMW 2018 in 2020. Among the leasing companies, Hongxin, Hz and Zhongneng jointly occupy a very large part of the elevator leasing market. Hz machinery leasing is one of the largest machinery leasing companies in the world. Founded in 1966, it has served customers in various fields in North America and Europe for more than 40 years. Prester industrial equipment (Beijing) Co., Ltd. rents imported aerial vehicles, spider cars, electric shears and electric forklifts in China. Established in 2003, Prester industrial equipment (Beijing) Co., Ltd. is a professional market sales and leasing company of elevator technology. Located in Beijing, it has profound overall asset strength. In Taiwan and Hong Kong of China, there are nearly 10000 self-propelled lifting vehicles for hire, and just over 50000 in the mainland. Therefore, the business opportunities created by the rental market of aerial working vehicles in China are enormous. Nowadays, the rental price of elevators in China is about three times that of the UK. The return period of elevator rental is about two years, which is basically half of the return period of excavator. The customers of this kind of leasing company are all high-quality customers, including Disney, World Expo, Olympic engineering projects and competitions, and variety show broadcasters. The average occupancy rate of machinery and equipment can reach 60% ~ 70%. A salesman who rents aerial work vehicles can manage 50 vehicles. For a regional large and medium-sized leasing company, more than a dozen people are enough. "

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