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High efficiency and safe self rental scaffold

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High efficiency and safe self rental scaffold

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The construction method of renting self-propelled electric platform instead of renting scaffold solves the problems of many safety production accidents, low efficiency, poor economic benefits and poor economic benefits in scaffold construction. Therefore, there is no doubt about the scope of renting the aerial work platform to enter the exhaust system and other equipment. The vigorous rise of the aerial work service platform shows the excellent reform and innovation of the aerial work construction technology for the broad engineering construction elite team. In the next 10-20 years, the development and design of the commodity application scope of this kind of aerial work platform will still have a bright future.

1. The safety verification of the electric platform conforms to the European Union en280 specification and has obtained CE certification.

2. The lifting platform for aerial work can walk the scissors self-propelled lifting platform. It has the function of full-automatic walking. It can walk quickly and slowly under different operating conditions. Only one person can actually operate the equipment during aerial work, and continuously carry out the lifting, driving, reversing, turning and other postures. Compared with the traditional hydraulic platform, it greatly develops the working efficiency and reduces the actual cost The total number of international operation staff and labor efficiency are very suitable for continuous work at high places in airport, city terminal, subway station, port, large shopping malls, sports venues, property companies, production workshops of factories and mining enterprises, etc.

3. The level alarm is installed on the safety maintenance equipment. When the multi-directional deflection of the whole vehicle exceeds 3 degrees, the equipment will automatically enter the maintenance system software. Only landing posture is allowed for the aircraft belt, and all normal applications can be achieved after the safety situation. The service platform for aerial work is equipped with safety plate equipment under the bottom car. As long as the service platform rises slowly, the safety plates on both sides are then opened in the running state, so as to reduce the distance from the sky, so as to prevent the overturning safety accident caused by the uneven sky when walking high. The service platform for aerial work is equipped with explosion-proof system software for oil pipeline at the hydraulic cylinder.

4. Stepless speed change only needs one person's actual operation. All the postures are controlled by the actual operating rocker on the working platform, and the motor is stepless speed change. The reasonable increase of the battery and motor application life, the motor only consumes the kinetic energy in the work. 5. The design of steering system with large viewing angle the steering system with large viewing angle makes the equipment have excellent coordination ability. "


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