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Maintenance rules for easily worn parts of hydraulic platform truck

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Maintenance rules for easily worn parts of hydraulic platform truck

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The hydraulic platform vehicle is an organic whole, and the components complement each other. It is inevitable to wear and tear in the work. However, we can reduce the wear degree, maintain the parts and prolong the service life. Let's talk about the maintenance skills of the parts.

Maintenance rules for easily worn parts of hydraulic platform truck:

1. Tire hydraulic lifting platform tire is a kind of wear and tear, long-term use will wear, and hydraulic platform car tires are divided into many kinds, such as: nylon wheel, PU wheel, polyurethane coated nylon, rubber wheel, electric Mullen, etc. Most of the hydraulic lifting platforms are equipped with nylon wheels, because the market is common and the price is cheap, but the wear degree is poor, and the walking noise is also big. Hydraulic platform car tire wear to a certain extent, please replace in time, expensive, cheap, customer choice.

2. The oil cylinder plays an important role in the lifting process of the whole hydraulic platform truck, and it is also used to realize the lifting and lowering of goods. Therefore, if the fork can not be lowered or raised, the reason is as follows:

1) The piston rod and oil cylinder may be damaged due to overload or partial load when the goods are loaded

2) The piston rod was exposed for a long time and rusted, which hindered the smooth movement of the piston;

3) The adjusting nut and hexagon nut are not in the correct position; at this time, the piston rod or oil cylinder should be replaced according to the judgment. When the hydraulic platform is not used, the car should be lowered to the lowest level and the nut should be readjusted.

3. Seal ring seal ring is the key component between the piston rod and cylinder, which is generally equipped with imported seal ring. Mainly good sealing, wear resistance and long service life. 70% of the oil leakage of the oil cylinder occurs on the oil seal. If the oil leakage of the oil cylinder is found, check it in time. If the seal ring is aged and damaged, replace it with high-quality sealing ring.

4. Pump station is the key part of all hydraulic platform vehicles. Once there is a problem in the pump station, that is to say, the hydraulic lift will stop working. No matter how good the other parts are, no matter how damaged they are, they can not be working. The pump station is composed of many parts, among which the most prone to problems are dust rings, O-rings, steel balls and other accessories. Jialite machinery reminds us that once we find these accessories have problems or wear and damage in the process of use, the easiest and fastest solution is to replace them.

5. The strut is the key component between the pump station and the rod. The lifting support of the hydraulic cylinder and the carrying capacity of the goods are supported and balanced by the strut. When carrying the goods, there may be overload, partial load and other phenomena, which often lead to the deformation or fracture of the strut. This phenomenon must occur, hydraulic platform car can not work normally, so contact the manufacturer or in the market to replace the strut.


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